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Animation Rich Website Design –

Website design trends keep on changing and optimised day to day. We can never forget the popular GIF’s of 1990’s. Currently there is a huge raise in demand for responsive website designs as everyone wants their website be more optimised for mobile too and also the current Google search engine update which gives mobile friendly websites priority.


Let’s see the most popular Animation Rich Website Design website design trends:


 Animation Rich Website Design


Nowadays animations are widely used in websites to enhance the story telling and make user experience entertaining and interactive.

Animations are categorised into two they are Large scale and small scale. Large scale animations is primarily used as interaction tool which attracts users with effects like parallax scrolling and pop-up notifications. Small scale animations don’t require user input but will have functions like spinners, hover tools and loading bars.

Some examples for Animation techniques are navigation and menus, hovers, galleries and slide shows, etc.


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