Apps are Indians’ Favourite Time Killers

Apps are Indians’ Favourite Time Killers

Info graphic:

While alone – 70%

When Bored/Killing Time – 68%

While waiting for someone – 61%

While watching TV – 48%

Before going to bed – 41%

After waking up – 34%

While shopping – 30%

At work – 28%

While commuting – 26%

While exercising – 20%


Knowing this we have to know which the apps Indians use is:











According to a recent report, the average Smartphone user in India has around 35 apps on his or her device, of which only less than 10 apps are opened on a daily basis. So when are consumers most likely to use apps?


Apps are mostly used when the user is alone, waiting for something or just trying to kill time. Saying this we understand that users are seeing applications when they have nothing much to do and look for some distraction. The report has indicated that around 70% of the users use their apps when they are alone and 68% of the people use apps when they are bored and want to kill some time as there is nothing much to do. As the report finds that many users keep their Smartphone aside when they are occupied with their works and activities.


The study also tells us that in India the most consumed apps in their Smartphones are Emails, Short messaging services, news, games and entertainment.

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