Digital Advertising in India –


Digital Advertising in India –


 It is useful to deliver marketing messages in the form of Banner Advertising, Search Advertising, Video Advertising, and Social Media Advertising & Classifieds.

Industries that are concentrating more in digital:

  1. FMCG Industry
  2. Food Industry
  3. Health Industry
  4. Entertainment Industry
  5. Automobile Industry
  6. Telecom Industry
  7. Retail Industry
  8. Finance Industry
  9. Travel Industry


Advertising has come a long way. We now have banner placement, search marketing, social media marketing, video marketing and a host of other innovations in Digital Medium.

Banners and Sidebars

The placement of ads in the form of banners and squares inside the content of a page is the granddaddy of digital advertising. Nowadays online media have gone back to the pop-up and pop-under ad to gain users attention.


Email advertising and digital coupons are still being used consistently even though the rise of other mediums in digital marketing. Ad space on an email blast to a proprietary database has maintained value as emails are a level of contact beyond a passive view as well as a distribution point for promotions and trackable coupons. Digital coupons, however, have added social media as a distribution channel. With the social media coupon, the delivery agent is no longer a publisher, but a platform where word of mouth rules.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is mostly referred to as “native advertising.” At the end of the day, it still involves building the marketing message into the content itself and making that content compelling or useful enough for the audience to seek it out. Instead of placing an ad on relevant content, content marketing encourages a company to create relevant content that supports its business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has given brands a new platform to engage with their customers, attaching a human face to a corporate image. Add to this the ability to sponsor and boost posts across platforms with millions of users, as on Twitter (TWTR) and Facebook (FB), and you have the brands-as-publishers idea used in content marketing supported by immediate feedback on the content being shared.

Digital Product Placement

Smartphone apps do offer advertisers another platform to get their message out. Mobile advertising can take the form of timed video ads, in-app text ads, or even digital product placement. However, the fact is that mobile gaming needs to monetize the audience to make the model work, so they are actively looking for new ways to do that.

Pay Per Click

Many online publishers offer ad inventory through exchanges that allow advertisers to pay per click rather than per view. It benefits the advertiser by ensuring at least some interaction with the ad beyond an impression.

The technology underlying these ad servers has been upgraded to incorporate more user data to increase the accuracy of the advertising by location and demographic. It will come as no surprise that Google is a leader in this field and also continues to own search advertising, another mainstay of online advertising.

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