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Material Design Websites –

Website design trends keep on changing and optimised day to day. We can never forget the popular GIF’s of 1990’s. Currently there is a huge raise in demand for responsive website designs as everyone wants their website be more optimised for mobile too and also the current Google search engine update which gives mobile friendly websites priority.


Let’s see the most popular Material Design website design trends:


Material Design Websites


Material design can be termed as an alternative for Flat design websites. In 2015, Google has launched new style language which uses shadow effects and concepts of movement and depth to make the designs look realistic for a user.

Material design helps to create a clean and modernistic design which focuses more on UX. Many Apps use material design with the support of Google. Google further introduced Material Design Lite to further extend their support to websites. Another advantage of using material design lite for a website is that there is no limitation for the framework so developers can use a variety of customised front-end tools to create the site.


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