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Responsive Website Design –

Website design trends keep on changing and optimised day to day. We can never forget the popular GIF’s of 1990’s. Currently, there is a huge rise in demand for responsive website designs as everyone wants their website be more optimised for mobile too and also the current Google search engine update which gives mobile friendly websites priority.


Let’s see the most popular Responsive Website Design website design trends:


Responsive Website Design


Responsive website design has become very popular recently with the rise of mobile internet usage. This web design technique is more popular as businesses aim to have a simple and cheap to build mobile-friendly site. As we see we also find a disadvantage for the site being performance. To make sure that responsive website design does not lack performance is to avoid using JavaScript and CSS with display none tag. If you can’t avoid the usage always use conditional loading for JavaScript. Without any doubt, responsive design is versatile and usable that is lightning fast to deliver UX.


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