How to Start with your first website?

How to start with your first website

How to Start with your first website?

Ten things to keep in mind before starting to build a website.


If you own webmaster or site, this article is for you: These 10 tips can help you build websites better and better. We recommend hiring a web developer, if you cannot write the HTML source code. Even if you are able to create a website on your own, often to separate the technical part of the marketing side.


1. Each website project starts with a plan


Write down your ideas to have a plan and think about what sections are needed in your website project. Think about what categories you. For your products or services that they need, sometimes for the Keyword Analysis When you draw a simple graph, which later will help you to remember how you structure your first planned location.


2.To find keyword analysis research, which should be used keywords for your website


The traffic from Google or other search engines for the conversions on your site. To submit your site in the Google search results obtained, you need to know which keywords are used by the customer. Use the Keyword Tool Google Adwords, you can find your favorite keywords. Go to the tool and enter 3-5 important keywords that relate to your product or service. In the list of keywords that are not intelligent ones to choose with the highest search volume, because it is very difficult to compete with the existing sites more established. Choose keywords with a volume “up” and check out any competition in the Google search.


3.Search for available domain name and choose a reliable web hosting provider


A sensitive keyword domain names is a good choice for Google SEO. But first you need to decide if you need a domain of the brand or domain name that will better position in Google. If you choose a keyword domain, you must choose where the most relevant keyword is included. Choose a domain name .com, as more confidence to win than others. If you prepare a site for a local audience, which might be useful to have a domain name with the top level countries.

If your new site needs to grow in the coming months in traffic, your hosting account should be able also to grow. Check out the map, that you have created, if the success of your website on the major traffic based find VPS hosting. Other smaller sites that work well in a common professional hosting account. Do not go cheap accommodation, cheap solution could be costly if the hosting account each line is time that the site has some traffic.


4.Building a website from scratch or a content management system?


Sometimes it is better to not have a website with a Content Management System (CMS) and to build others. The proper choice depends on many factors. If you upgrade or expand the content of websites often you need to go for a CMS. If you have the skills, a simple HTML page is to build more static your site, a simple website without rear end is often cheaper, built more quickly and flexibly. If your site has the most post messages, you go to a WordPress blog. There are thousands of WordPress themes and premium WordPress plugins available that can be used to build your very fast for a smaller budget website.


5.Website templates, choose an elegant design


To use a ready-made website template, is a good choice for your website based on the CMS or even if you are limited your project and budget. Remember that, while selecting the plan that you have previously done a web template for your website. It is very common for people to choose a design, because it looks so good and then have difficulty a template for the site. If you great entertainment and / or the sound of a Flash template is something for you, but keep in mind that software and specialized knowledge required to edit the files in Adobe Flash.


The another  five points we will continue with the next blog.


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