Surge of UI Patterns –

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Surge of UI Patterns –

The Website Designs that are trending this year

Website design trends keep on changing and optimised day to day. We can never forget the popular GIF’s of 1990’s. Currently, there is a huge raise in demand for responsive website designs as everyone wants their website be more optimised for mobile too and also the current Google search engine update which gives mobile friendly websites priority.


Let’s see the most popular Surge of UI Patterns website design trends:


 Surge of UI Patterns


One of the main drawbacks of responsive design is that many sites look similar. This is because of the increase in usage of WordPress theme sites. Having the same look and feel of the site is not necessarily a bad thing as people have changed a lot on a usage of web and there is not much innovation in the UI Patterns space.

A login will still be a login and should always function the same way and the same stands for other important functions such as checkout and not necessarily it has to be re-invented. As UI Patterns is a perfect guide for users to smooth experience.

Some examples for UI Patterns are Account registration, Long scroll, etc.


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