Ten things to keep in mind before starting to build a website

How to build your first website

Ten things to keep in mind before starting to build a website

If you own webmaster or site, this article is for you: These 10 tips can help you build websites better and better. We recommend hiring a web developer, if you cannot write the HTML source code. Even if you are able to create a website on your own, often to separate the technical part of the marketing side.


We have seen the first 5 points in our previous blog post That the continuation will given below.


6.Write unique content for your new website

You may want to reload the content of your page, or if you want to buy a site and editorially to improve. Your use keyword, the results of text analysis have to write for your website. Use a range of 3-5 keywords for each section or page, you need more, if the text is longer and consume less if your copy is short. It is important that the most important keyword is used in the titles, and the title page (title element) and not to forget the keyword to be used in the text. Sometimes it makes sense, information is recorded first and then think about where to use keywords. Spend more time creating great titles.


7.Create the Website


If you use a CMS for the building function, it is very limited. Depending on the CMS, if you need to install required as SEO plugin or module extensions (to optimize your website for search engines). If you build your website from scratch, you need to make your website template on a website. It is essential to use a variety of header tags (h1, h2 and h3). Use a perfect title of the page and use the attribute “alt” in the image tags. Next Meta keywords because they are ignored by most search engines. Meta Description is important because this description is often used as a “Snippet” in the search engines:


8.Test your site and remove all problems


The site is built and it is time to do some tests. Test all proper functions and check their website in different browsers Ask to test most people who are involved in the project. Solve any problems before you publish the site.


9.Web statistics, yes, of course!


Their website is obtained Live and the first visitors, it is now important to learn how visitors behave on your site. With software like Web Analytics statistics you can learn: What is the bounce rate is, was the number of pages viewed by each visitor, as a visitor came to your website and more. Use Google Analytics to learn from the very beginning of their visitors and use this information to optimize your website from time to time. Installing Google Analytics (GA) is easy; Only GA tracking code on every page of your site to create a profile and add. Google Analytics is 100% free and easy to use.


10.Promote your site


There are various ways that visitors to your (new) site. You can make Paid advertising or perhaps you want to promote your site for free. Let your customers and partners about their new website and also write a press release. They are not paid and free sites “Press Releases delivery service” available, send your press release are, and perhaps a journalist or blogger mentioned on your website in an article. If you are a member of a group or community? Send your press release to many organizations, there is always a chance that your website is listed in a newsletter. If you are a member of a social network like Twitter or Facebook, you can as well mention your site on your profile page. But be careful, it is possible that your friends or followers do not like this kind of self-promotion.


Would you like to share your own tips on how to start a new website, kindly please post a comment below.


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